Japan Council:Kansas City

Olathe District Schools Japanese

  • Mission: The Mission of Olathe District Schools is “Preparing Students for their Future”

The Japanese Program provides opportunities for students to learn the Japanese Language while being exposed to Japanese Culture through various instructional techniques and activities.

  • Established: In 2001, instruction at all of the Olathe High schools was established. Currently nearly 200 students are enrolled in Japanese in the four Olathe High Schools.
  • Main Activities:
  1. Participation in the Annual Mid-America Japanese Language Contest
  2. Participation in the Annual Olathe Sakura Festival
  3. Student Performing Taiko Drumming Group, KI DAIKO (Please contact Dianne Daugherty to schedule a workshop or performance.)
  4. Guest speakers and Field Trips related to Japanese Language and Culture
  5. Hosting students from our Partner school, Kyoai Gakuen of Maebashi Japan
Contact: Dianne Daugherty – ddaughertyon@olatheschools.com